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Upcoming Gigs                                
June 22nd 23 @ Donau115, Berlin, 21h
August 11th-13th @ detect festival, Schloss Bröllin

Past Gigs
Nov 23rd 22 @ 
HOTO, Berlin, 19h
Oct 27th 22Leipzig- Leipziger JazztageAltes Stadtbad- 23
Oct 1st 22Leipzig-Horns Erben 
Sept 29th 22 Berlin-Badehaus-Record Release

Aug 20th 22 (Duo)Rolle (CH), La Terrasse des Tilleuls

Aug 19th 22 (Duo)Zürich (CH), feministisches Streikhaus
July 29th 22 detect classic festival
July 7th 22 (Duo) Orania.Berlin
June 2nd 22 (Duo)Berlin-Terzo Mondo
 April 1st 22 Berlin-Donau115
March 15th 22 (Duo)Berlin-Zimmer16 

requests and booking:
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