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Upcoming Gigs                             

December 14th 23 @ Terzo Mondo 

February 7th 24 @ Donau115 (Duo with Danielle Friedman, Brasilian Music) 

June 8th 24 @ XJazz Radebeul

Past Gigs
August 11th 23 @ Detect Festival, Schloss Bröllin

July 22nd 23 @ Galerie Philipp Anders, Leipzig, Paul Glaw's Solo Exhibition, Vernissage

June 22nd 23 @ Donau115, Berlin

Nov 23rd 22 @ HOTO, Berlin

Oct 27th 22Leipzig- Leipziger JazztageAltes Stadtbad

Oct 1st 22 Leipzig-Horns Erben 

Sept 29th 22 Berlin-Badehaus-Record Release

Aug 20th 22 (Duo)Rolle (CH), La Terrasse des Tilleuls

Aug 19th 22 (Duo)Zürich (CH), feministisches Streikhaus

July 7th 22 (Duo) Orania.Berlin

June 2nd 22 (Duo)Berlin-Terzo Mondo

April 1st 22 Berlin-Donau115

March 15th 22 (Duo)Berlin-Zimmer16 

requests and booking:
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